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How Suzanne Jarvie launched a career as a folk singer (without quitting her law job)

Suzanne Jarvie’s childhood was full of music. As a youngster, she took piano lessons; in her teenage years, she picked up the guitar... “But I was never a songwriter..." It took a tragic life event to unleash her inner composer. “I started writing like crazy. I wrote at home, I wrote at the hospital. My sorrow was leaking out of me through music.”

Precedent: Law and Style


Praise for "In The Clear"

"Two weeks ago I hadn’t heard of this singer-songwriter from Toronto. Now, she is on repeat play constantly having audibly devoured this album, and tracking down its inspiring predecessor, ‘Spiral Road’ ...this is an album I will return to over the years. I can’t wait to hear the next chapter of the journey."

Folk And Tumble

"In The Clear is a fabulous recording, and, as far as I’m concerned, the best album of 2019 so far." (Listen to the full interview here.)

"Anyone with a taste for Emmylou Harris or Lucinda Williams needs to check Jarvie out. Serious talent here."

Vancouver Sun

"Suzanne’s sophomore album follows confidently and precisely in the lines of her first album, ‘Spiral Road.’... Two records down, here is a new major singer of note on the block. Listen, think and learn. (8/10)"


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Wolfe Island

"From the tragedy of her son's misfortune, something beautiful and moving now also arises. Songs that you have to cherish." (Translated from Dutch)

"It was amazing how Suzanne Jarvie made her debut as a beginner singer-songwriter four years ago, and it is at least as clever as she is now following her debut... The production is beautiful, the instrumentation atmospheric and accurate, the stories are beautiful and penetrating and the songs are appealing." (Translated from Dutch)

De krenten uit de pop

"...she serves up a delicate mix of light and shade... Through her music she seeks closure and healing, while she is heading for the light at the end of the tunnel."

Here Comes The Flood

"Every music lover has a few artists and album that strike right to their soul. I am so completely in tune with Jarvie that I don't think I can offer a truly objective opinion... the sound of Jarvie's voice is an instant balm on my soul... Spellbinding."

Aiding & Abetting (

"That little dab of pedal steel and violin gives this the feel of generations past; a wonderful homage to the smooth tones of early seventies folk-country. My first impressions of Suzanne Jarvie here drew comparisons to Emmylou Harris, Karen Carpenter, and maybe a little Suzy Bogguss too... Jarvie delivers with both pain and passion through her pitch-perfect vocals."

Great Dark Wonder

"I could listen to her daily for the next year and never become fatigued for the experience... Lovely music that works best as a whole, In The Clear’s songs reverberate within this listener’s spiritual and intellectual core."

Fervor Coulee - Roots Music Opinion

Rave Reviews for Suzanne Jarvie's Debut Album "Spiral Road" — Nominated for Best Concept Album — Independent Music Awards

"a collection of wondrously beautiful, deeply moving songs…without exception of an all encompassing beauty…Jarvie overwhelms you, as it were, with her out of the ordinary vocal performance, and she bewitches you further with her compelling lyrics."

— Benny Metten/Alt Ctrl Country E-Zine, Belgium

"Jarvie’s voice is seraphim-pure, reaching out and lifting your spirit often without permission."

Luke C. Bowden, No Depression

"From start to finish, SPIRAL ROAD aches in epic portions to paint a literary outpouring of what country music writing was born to capture. Not only has Suzanne told her story with heart rendering emotion, she has surrounded herself with a stellar team of players running rich in a stream of sensual soul and tantalising twang. This is a record for any age but an important 2015 ally in the defence of protecting great genre music from the ravages of those seeking universal change."

Three Chords and the Truth UK

"Suzanne Jarvie has a voice that dares to shine, but also dares to be vulnerable, and this is one of the qualities that gives the album an exceptional power…Jarvie tells poignant stories and they all touch you deeply. It makes Spiral Road a very beautiful and exceptional album."

— Erwin Zijleman, De Krenten uit de pop (The Netherlands)

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