In the Clear

I am currently working on my second full-length release with launch scheduled for May 2018. Thanks to FACTOR and Ontario Arts Council for support on this new record.

One Take Only

I released a 6-song EP called One take Only in February 2016 for my European Tour. It is available digitally through Bandcamp or ITunes at

bk285-spiral-road-hires-1Spiral Road Sample
There is a spiral road that leads to the land of the dead and Death drives along it every day in his car. The Chanter pointed to a spiral he had drawn in the dust with a piece of stick. Pointing to the center, he said, “this is where the soul’s journey ends and from where none can return.” Then with a dramatic gesture, he slashed through the top of the spiral with his stick, making a long, deep gouge. “This is the route the Medicine Man must take if he is to intercept the soul on its journey. He cannot take the road itself. But the way is hard, the obstacles are great and numerous, and there are many terrible dangers to overcome. Even if the soul is found before it reaches The Land of the Dead, it still has to be returned to the Land of the Living. And terrors encountered coming out may be every bit as terrifying as those going in.”

From Meeting the Medicine Men, by Charles Langley